Odeón leva a experiência e o fator emocional ao limite com sua nova imagem

After more than a year and a half of works and more than €10 million of investment, we have turned Odeón into one of the most modern centers in Spain and a reference in Narón and the Ferrolterra region, where it is located.

For its transformation, we have taken to the limit the possibilities of generating experience through architecture. We have turned its exterior into a magical and surprising light and color show, where the "O" of Odeón, symbol of the new and fun brand image, takes center stage and underpins the key role of lighting as an emotion factor.

This striking exterior metamorphosis has been accompanied by a profound interior renovation, which has endowed the center with rest areas with warmer, more comfortable and social atmospheres, interior and exterior terraces and more spacious and bright commercial and common spaces.

The new decoration is inspired by the Ferrol of the early twentieth century and the wide avenues and promenades that adorn its urban center. Following this line of argument, different spaces have been shaped in which the comfort of furniture and vegetation predominates, and which have been conceived to produce in the user a sense of privacy, isolation and comfort - similar to what they find in their homes-, where to enjoy reading, conversation or as a meeting place.

Another of the distinctive points of the new image is the landscaping, which has taken care to the extreme to provide a green lung to the center.

The fusion of all these elements, architecture, lighting, interior design and branding, have made the recent reopening of Odeón a resounding success. It marks a before and after in the history of the center and makes it a unique place to share experiences and in a model of image repositioning, which will serve as a mirror for other centers.